Targeted | State of the Art | Point of Differentiation.  We understand trade areas, market analysis, and growth strategies.  Our 25-year history of retail and business strategy is what separates Allan Retail Group from all other commercial agencies.  Our network of professional relationships creates value through technology, innovation to help you lease quickly save money and improve Capx for your building investment. Below are value creation tools recommendations for our clients. 


Transformation &
Energy Savings

Upgrade Now Without Risk or Investment

Energy efficiency outsourcing company that pays for you to cut your energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint. Let us help you welcome your tenants back and be ready for new challenges and opportunities with amazing upgrades such as:

  • Guaranteed energy savings in your pocket and throughout your facilities.

  • Premium LED lighting

  • Multi-level HVAC upgrades 

  • 24/7/365 measurement 

  • Smaller Carbon Footprint 

  • Enhanced property values

  • Savings on Labor Hours 

All at ZERO out-of-pocket cost!


Dial-Up to Save Even More
  2 Mo. Free Trail

  • Value Creation.
    No Capex. A  practical way to take advantage of advances in energy efficiency: a  new kind of partner takes care of all the work and hassle of going green while you simply enjoy the benefits. ARG is an authorized agent of Brain Box AI

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Digital Twin 

A CMMS eliminates the need to manage a facility in spreadsheets. A centralized database provides ticket and expense tracking across multiple users.  Studies reflect a $.23/SF savings with better building data.

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New Tenant Focused

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