Hi Neighbor! Ask yourself these questions regarding the right time to list your home? I just did the same and made an incredible move!

There is no better time to sell your home in North Dallas. With Interest rates starting to rise, the FED is anticipating seven additional increases in 2022 which means where you're moving to, becomes more expensive to finance. 


Consider the following question as you decide.

  • Where will I go?  A better question might be "Who has the strategy and resources to help me move with the least amount of stress"? Moving is a big event, no one agent can be an expert in every community. The market is moving so quickly you need a team of experts focused on listing, buying, or leasing for you to coordinate your transactions. My KW App, (right) can allow you to keep an eye on what's happening in Celina's Orginal Donation, as well as communities you might have interested in. Track it all with my App and stay up-to-date on specific areas in and out of Texas

  • How fast will I have to move? It might be more beneficial for your Buyer if you stay a bit, depending on where they live. A leaseback can be negotiated to allow you ample time to coordinate your dates and make an easy transition. Demand is Celina is so high leasebacks are not out of the question and often time used as a benefit in reviewing the highest best offer for your property. 

  • What is my home worth? That depends on market comps and the value/sq ft vs property to property.  Each home's finish-out is unique but the average value/sq ft is a great place to start "spitballing" your home's value.

  • Will I have to vacate for showings? Not necessarily. You might get more for your property with less hassle if you choose an off-market listing. These are "hip-pocket" listings that can make the whole process a lot easier.  Downtown Celina has people waiting for an opportunity you don't necessarily get more when listing it for a bidding war, in fact, many buyers just are not interested in jumping into the fray. 

  • Who is best suited to help me? Finding an agent that can look beyond two transactions.  The best agent is the one who values your best interest and plays as a team. I'll provide a team of agents who specialize in buying and leasing. I'll find the highest most experienced agents where you want to go to coordinate your moving needs. One size does not fit all, a jack of all trade(s) agent is not an expert.  I'll focus on the sale and bring in seasoned agents to assist in the new purchase or property lease. 


Contact me to discuss the above or discuss other thoughts or concerns. Download my app to track what is happing in Celina's Original Donation District. 


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78% of buyers find a floor plan the second most valuable piece of content when shopping for a home.  Floor plans are done in 7-10 minutes. No need to move any furniture or put things anything away.  


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