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Keep your Business Open 7/24/365

Stay open 24/7 with the right Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are 3-6x more engaging, ignite brain chemistry linked to long term memory. Case studies illustrate increased sales, revenue, on and offline traffic. longer session time, reduce bounce rate and quick ROI.


Regardless of your business type a virtual tour can play a significant role you brands digital strategy. 

There is a tour for every space!

Virtual tours come in a variety of formats.  3D Walkthrough Tours, 360 Point-to-Point, Rendered 3D  & Rendered 360 tours.  Some require hosting, others allow for buy-out purchase. Your space is your brands most expensive assets, Virtual tours help clients experience it online as a stand alone link or  embedded/linked to your website. 


Virtual tours allow you to leverage your space, tell your story in a memorable and engaging way.  

Allan Retail Group has been providing visual and retail strategy to America's leading brands and real estate agencies for twenty years.  Contact us for a free strategy session.  We can walk you through the various tour platforms and address you tour strategy and budget.  



Matterport tours are generally priced by total square footage scanned. Tours allow unlimited embedment of information, images, videos etc., called Matter-tagging. Matterport tours generally priced by total square feet scanned. 
Pros: Dollhouse View a complete exterior view with easy viewer engagement.  Realistic walk-through simulation, Matter Tags allow for embedding detailed space information. 2D and 360 panoramic image extraction and video highlight real creation (additional cost may apply) VR Read, Easy to share Building Documentation: Measurement, Floor Plan, and Room Labeling.  Can be virtually staged

ConsSlow approximately 2500 sq. ft. per hour translating into a higher cost. Alignment issues. Color shifts, depending on the internal lighting images can shift from room to room. Slow Loading player. No image editing inside tour unless 360 images are produced and downloaded. No in tour email or calling options. Terms of Service Matterport has strict terms of service agreement and claims shared ownership of all data. ​Hosting required. Hosting fees can vary from provider to provider. Every Matterport Tour requires Matterport Branding. Limited analytics capabilities

Provide experts your total square footage, the type of content you want to embed (links, videos, images, ecommerce), your desired timeline and budget. 

Point-to-Point Tours


Point-to-Point Tours 360 Tours are created using images from a professional 360 panoramic cameras. Navigate via hotspots, active "bubbles" or thumbnails.  Point-to-Point Tours are VR Ready. One touch sharing to a variety social media platforms. Hotspots can be used to educate, engage, and transact with SSL certification, add voice overs. Customizable colors, logo and scene transition. 

Pros: Fast capture, 20M square feet per hour. Quick to create. Brandable. Hosting is not always required. Tailored & Customizable.  Embed images, live URLs, e-commerce links, videos, embed voice-over, auto dial in tour calling, and autofill email feature, custom forms, embed chatbots, embed surveys. Buy-out tours available hosting not required White-label options are available. ADA compliant. VR Ready links. Internal & Google Analytics

Cons: No Dollhouse View
​Industries: Retail, Real Estate, Commercial, Museums, Restaurants, Education, Campus Tours 

Provide the type of content you may want to embed (links, videos, images, ecommerce, auto-dial, autofill email), to tell your story. Include your desired timeline and budget. 

Rendered 3D Tour


Rendered 3D Walk-through Tours are built using 2D floor plans with design direction including color and texture options. Rendered Walk-through tours enable developers and building owners to visualize the space before they ever break ground. 
Pros: Cost-effective, Inclusive. Tours include color and texture changes, inside and out as well as fully staged for real-life simulation. Powerful sales tool. Short Turn Around. 

​Cons: File size, not recommended for spaces larger than 5000 sq. ft. Load time longer than other tour types, and depends on the amount of embedded choice. Hosting may be required depending on the provider. Limited analytics 

Provide a detailed floor plan, and excel file of finishing detail including appliances, hardware, flooring, colors and textures.

Rendered 360 Tour


Rendered 3D Point-to-Point tours are a combination of 360 rendered images set in a a 360-viewing platform. Viewing requires one or more linked 360 views.  Uses hotspots and "bubble" and thumbnail navigation.  Allow for both 2D staged 3D rendered options.  

Pros: Low cost of entry to visualize a pre-built space. 3-5 day turn around. Customizable hotspots, Full Analytics. 

Cons: None, if a property has not been built this is an economical way to enable anyone to visualize the space before you ever break ground. 

Provide experts with a detailed floor plan, and design ideation.


Simple Rendered 3D Walkthrough Tour. No embeded information just a clean tour of how the space feels and works. 

Pros: Rendered from 2D Floor Plan,  24-48 hour turn around. Fully staged.  FLAT FEE PRICING for residential & commercial spaces. 

Cons: No embeded information.

Provide experts with a detailed floor plan 

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