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New Locations and Businesses in Celina

Businesses are always on the move, seeking better opportunities and environments that will allow them to grow within. One notable example is Achieving Milestones Pediatric Therapy, which is moving to 200 N. New Mexico in Downtown Celina. Meagan Dugan and her team of therapists are anticipating a mid to late March, move with the new space under renovation . This move is significant because it will allow the company to expand its operations and provide more therapeutic services including speech, feeding, occupational and physical therapy to its clients. Achieving Milestones Pediatric Therapy is adding a sensory motor gym, which will be nearly 1000 sq ft dedicated to their patients with special needs and developmental delays. The new location is a spacious 4000 sq ft building providing ample room for all of its services and staff. Meagan and her team are helping tiny humans achieve big milestones.

Ladies and gents welcome Injectolgy by Bliss Beauty Bar and Aesthetics formerly Bliss Beauty Bar and Aesthetics of Frisco. Barbara Cushman the owner has leased Achieving Milestones former offices at 3248 S Preston Road #130. This Med spa run by Barbara Cushman, offers a range of services, including Microneedling, Dermal Fillers, PRP, Neurtrotoxins, Wellness shots, Peels, and Fat Reduction. Barbara has 15+ years of experience in the aesthetic industry. The move to Celina will provide the business with more space, a new customer base and opportunities for growth. It is also good news for local residents, who will have access to a wider range of beauty services north of US 380.

The trend of businesses moving to Celina is a positive sign for the local economy. Additionally, the arrival of new businesses can help to revitalize existing commercial spaces, making the area more vibrant and appealing to visitors. As more businesses move to Celina, it is likely that the area will continue to grow and thrive.

Achieving Milestones Pediatric Therapy and the arrival of Injectology by Bliss Beauty Bar are just two examples of the dynamic business environment in Celina, Texas, and Allan Retail Group was delighted to help them with commercial spaces to serve their clients. Congratulations Meagan Dugan and welcome Barbara Cushman!

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