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10,000 square feet of family fun!

Using geospatial data Allan Retail Group compared two North Dallas locations to find the strongest mix of key attributes for Fury Fun Center; family size, age, and propensity for families to spend on entertainment for both adults and children. Using simple map shading of green and red to indicate an areas strength by zip code. We located 10,000 square feet on the corner of 423 and Main Street in Frisco. We considered the density of each location within a 20-minute drive time for population density and traffic patterns.

Leasing any space can be daunting. Using geospatial tool helps any business locate a market that can support the business and in the case of an office space make sure the area has the population and income levels for their business to succeed.

Tools like the above are how I help my customers mitigate their risk. When everything looks the same from address to address, Allan Retail Group will show you the difference.

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