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Terramania on the square.

Updated: May 10, 2022

When you can not wait for the right space - go and get it.

How TERRAMANIA landed in Celina Texas

Traci Miller wanted to open a retail location in downtown Celina and "no" was not an option. She knew the building she wanted but it was occupied by an antique shop owned by Larry and Cherrie McFadden. After looking around the city for potential space I collaborated with the Miller's to write a Letter of Intent to the McSpadden's sharing the Miller's vision for Terramania in Celina. The worst they could say is no. Having a personal relationship with the McFadden's I sat down with Larry and discussed the possibility of leasing all 3000 sq ft to Traci and Andrew Miller, the annual income he could expect and the increase in value for the McSpadden property over the next five to ten years.

Traci and Andrew took on the total renovation, working with the EDC and City's Development Fund as well as their own investment and transformed Cherrie's Antiquables in to Terramania the first decor store of its kind in Celina. The lease executed for a 5-year term with a 5-year renewal. As property owners the McSpadden's will maintain the structure while the Miller's bring the building up to code, transforming the inside with new color, new lighting, restroom and facade. Watch for their Grand Opening in June of 2022.

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